Welcome to the About page or, “why you’re going to be disappointed if you showed up here looking for lengthy commentary on mouthfeel.” This page is here to answer one simple question about this site: why this site?

I’m Stephen O’Grady, and in my day job I analyze software. Like a lot of people, I love craft beer – I even organize a conference around it. Unlike a lot of people, I like playing with spreadsheets and dislike reviewing beer. Which is convenient, because there are more than enough beer reviewers already. What the world does not need is yet another beer blog forensically documenting “two finger heads,” “delicate lacing” and a “tasty mouthfeel.” So, none of that here.

What I haven’t seen much, however, are thoughts on the numbers behind the brewing industry. Everyone’s so enthusiastic about the product – which is natural because it’s delicious – that surprisingly few people are asking where everything’s headed. Questions like what bottling choices or pricing tell us about a brewery’s strategy don’t seem to be asked. What’s the correlation between the size of a brewer’s portfolio and the sales of same? How many breweries can the country realistically support? Why does the definition of “craft beer” keep changing? And so on.

With the exception of periodic puff pieces from the national media or cheerleading from fans, analyses of the wider market and its products such as I’m used to in the technology industry seem less than common. Because I, at least, would like to try and explore some of these questions, this site now exists. If you have questions of your own, don’t be shy. Together maybe we can get some answers. And drink beer.

In the industry? Have questions, data or both? Drop a line to sogrady at gmail.com.